Well hello there!  Maria here.

I bet you’re wondering why we’re all here.  Let me splain.

We’re the Mechams.  We are many things but first and foremost we are lovers of family and life in general.  We play hard, people.  Life is guaranteed to knock you out—completely—and chances are if you are human it already has.  We are also happy to report that it’s insanely awesome if you want it to be.  Yes, even amid the suck.  At times, maybe even because of it.

Ryan Mecham, Maria Mecham, Anne Mecham

We need a new picture. Ryan has since decided his beard was about three inches too short and went all mountain man on me.  Anne randomly will run up to him with a big grin on her face and stroke his beard with both hands, saying “I LIKE YOUR BEARD DADDY.”  Yes.  The girl has a good sense of what looks good.

I love whit and humor and have always surrounded myself with people who make me laugh. My husband, Ryan, is one such person.  He makes my life particularly awesome. He rocks at being a full-time Dad thing, growing red facial hair, locating lost things and/or people, preparing for the apocalypse (we will feel very cheated if there are no zombies), and shooting a 9mm.  I think I’ll keep him.

Our three and a half year old Anne is the feistiest, silliest, spiciest human I have ever come across.  You are guaranteed laughter and/or hair-pulling frustration whenever she’s around.  She’s the perfect mix of Ryan and myself:  energizer bunny with OCD tendencies.  I can never quite anticipate what she will do or say next.  She is my own personal jack in the box.

She gets her kicks refusing food she’s requested, performing “magic” shows for anyone in earshot, and hunting people down with her nerf gun.  What parent wouldn’t be proud?

Snow. We like snow. "How about you send that picture to my Melanie!?" @meladamson

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Oh and on that note.  Yes.  I would like to confirm the rumors.  We are, in fact, perfect.  This is the internet.

Of course, this is completely ridiculous.  We are only like 99% perfect.

Last time I checked we are real people living real lives with real struggles—just like you.  One of the reasons I’m a fan of writing in this community (Team Internet!) is that it’s a cool platform for connecting and hearing from others.  The problem is it can become this stupid place of competing and comparing.  Can we just not do that?

I’d rather just be myself so this can actually mean something and we can talk about stuff that matters.    Plus, it’s probably my favorite thing to be able to say. “Oh girl.  I have been there.  I, too, have experienced the horrors of potty training.  Or a blender malfunctioning (blueberry, strawberry, and protein powder in my hair).  Or how awesome it is t0 ____.”

Let’s talk about it.  Stick around if you want some of that.

Want to know even MORE about us?  There are 6 siblings in Ryan’s family and you may already know two of them.  (Our family has gone public.  I still don’t know quite what to do with it all but I know that they rock.)

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