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Meltdowns, Mania, and Keeping Things Interesting

Our two year old is beginning to outsmart us.

While taking the leap from baby to toddler, the child formerly known as delightful transformed into a tantrum-throwing Amazon-cave-girl. We struggled to know how to help her (and ourselves), and how to talk her down from the ledge of horrible meltdowns that just kept on coming.

Her pediatrician recommended the book/video “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” by Harvey Karp. The baby version of this saved our first-time-parent butts a few times, so we were hopeful.

We read it, we watched it, we tried it, we loved it. It was completely bizarre but it actually worked.

We won at parenting! Gold medal for us! #victorylap #ourworkhereisdone

However, with Anne’s third birthday only four months away, the tables have slowly started to turn. She now sees our tactics for what they are, sincere and heartfelt as they may be, and knows they really do work. Like the snugly teddy bear who’s soft embrace lulls her to sleep, she sees our “help” as a sneak attack and is not about to let that SOB take her down.

We make feisty babies. What can I say.

Between the firecracker that is Anne and the sickness that took our house by storm, our two year old has been in rare form lately.

Reasons For Anne’s Best Meltdowns:

  • Sams Club and Costco are closed.
  • She wants to budget on Daddy’s computer.
  • She closed the door.
  • I closed the door.
  • Today is not her birthday.
  • She wants to go to Lowe’s.
  • She didn’t dance during the opening music for My Little Pony and now wants to rewind it. If we do, she still doesn’t dance and will ask me to do it again…so she can still not dance.
  • It’s the wrong paci. The other three are wrong too.
  • She wants to look at clocks. Or mirrors. Or vacuums.
  • We are leaving the toy isle. (This happens whether we spend two minutes here or two hours, if I give her lots of warning or none. One can never spend enough time with un-purchased toys, apparently.)
  • She threw her favorite toy.
  • She didn’t push all the buttons on the soda machine.
  • We put away the food she’s refused to touch for the past 45 minutes.
  • She needs to wear her fancy dress.

I foresee no real danger of becoming bored with this one around.

P.S.  This post was inspired by the  Reasons My Son is Crying blog.  It tickles my funny bone in the very best way.