Christmas Traditions


I am all about traditions. It’s hard not to enjoy them. They promote all kinds of crazy things.

  1. My stoic husband melts into his ten year old self, belting every word to the Muppet Christmas Carol with a wild grin slapped across his face.
  2. We eat dessert for breakfast. What is dessert if not carbs topped with sugar? Which do we like best, you ask? You name it. Cinnamon rolls, crepes, ebleskivers, waffles, pancakes, pie…. Pie fits right in at breakfast. It’s really just a super version of a pastry or scone.  I know you’re thinking it.  Just add the ice cream.  You’ve already come this far.
  3. Opening PJ’s Christmas Eve. If I could live in PJ’s full time I absolutely would (Who am I kidding? I basically do. Scrubs are just pajamas disguised as a uniform.). PJ’s have lots of pros. Soft. Comfortable. Warm. Surprisingly flattering.  There is a downside, however.  They are the magic-pumpkin of clothing.  They seem really great until the clock strikes 9:00 am.  You also can’t go anywhere in them without looking insane. PJ’s are a no-no in the grocery store.  Sorry college kids.  It doesn’t matter that it’s 1:00 am.  You look ridiculous.
  4.  Sparkling Juice. These obnoxious drinks absolutely give me a stomach ache every time but I just don’t care. It’s magic. It’s a magical stomach ache and I love it.
  5. Enjoying the ridiculous amount of junk food sent to the office. I seriously get fat just on those gift baskets. Last week we got one that was stock full of full sized candy bars.  Once an oral surgeon sent us a ham dinner. Specialists in the dental world don’t have to spend money on marketing—just networking. Networking apparently involves peanut brittle and costco sized bags of Brookstone dark chocolate covered fruit snacks. Why? Why would dentists send these things to each other? In what universe does that make sense?
  6.  Telling the Christmas Story. It seems that others have a rhythm about this tradition, a day or time they try to fit it in, a way they tell it, props or ornaments. We don’t. It just makes it’s way in. With kids around it seems to be told many times, many different ways throughout the season. Christmas comes as more of a recap, a reminder of why we do what we do.
  7. Hickory Farms Beef Stick. Yes friends, I just jumped from Christ to beef stick. That’s Christmas for you! My husband talks me into buying beef stick. Every. Year. Every year I begrudge the purchase. And every year I end up realizing that I am not actually sick of it I just forgot about my addiction. I admit that hickory farms has earned its monopoly in the processed portion of Christmas.  Yes, Ryan, you may use this post against me next year to leverage more beef stick purchasing power.
  8. Shopping on Christmas Eve. This is a non-intentional tradition. Actually I typically intend not to honor it and go to great lengths to avoid it. Unfortunately my brain does not work that way. The last minute is my hay day, my most decisive, productive and creative. You don’t want to do something? Well you are out of time sister. Place is closed tomorrow. The time is now!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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