I’m a Bad Mom. Sometimes I Like It Better When She’s Sick.


Yup. We're here again. Sick. Round a million since thanksgiving.

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I shouldn’t be surprised, really.  That is what kids do, right?  Get sick over and over again until they build such an amazing immune system that they graduate into adulthood.  It’s the antibodies!  They create adult humans!

A lot of Anne’s signature sass gets toned down considerably when she’s ill.  In fact, she downright polite.  Lots of pleases and thank yous, cuddling, and loves.  Tantrums are almost eliminated.  The word “No!!” doesn’t fly out of her mouth every 10 minutes.  Rather than put up a fight at bed time she thanks us.  One night I even let out a cough in the wee hours of the night and her little voice came out of the darkness.  “It’s okay Momma.”

She has since reclaimed her throne as chief chatterbox of the household.  Here are some of my favorites:

–Me: “Baby, I hope you aren’t getting pink eye.”  Anne: “I’m not a guy!!  I’m a girl!”

–Out of nowhere Anne said “Let’s go to Utah to see Ellie and Jackson.  We can go on an airplane!”

–While looking at old pictures “Hey!  It’s my friend Jenn! (Jenn is her Aunt)  Is that my Ryan? (her Daddy)”

Anne: We are going to open presents because it’s my birthday and Santa is coming!  And you can open a present!

Me:  You bought me a present?

Anne: No.

Me: Did you buy Daddy a present?

Anne: No.

Me: Did you buy Grandma or Grandpa a present?”

Anne: No.

Me:  Did you buy Max (her cousin) a present?

Anne: Yes.

Me:  So you only bought Max a present?  What did you buy him?

Anne: A boat.

Me:  Well no wonder!  You ran out of money after Max’s present!

Anne:  Yep! It’s a little boat!

A:  We don’t throw people!  M: Did you watch Frozen today?  A:  No.  M:  Is that just something good to live by?  A: Yes!

Hitting and spitting is apparently okay but throwing crosses the line!

P.S.  I am SO glad she is starting to feel better.  We quickly forget how much energy she has after living with Sweet Anne for so many days.  And how often she tries to get away with the word “No!”  The girl who dances like a dragon has returned!  Yay!  (How do dragons dance? I’m sure she’ll gladly demonstrate.)

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