Santa Lives at Bass Pro Shops

Since early on in our marriage we have debated the pros and cons of Santa Claus each holiday season. You’d think all that angst over 10 years would have let to something substantial but, alas, we never committed to anything. Neither of us held much of a stance one way or another. What we talked about mostly was fear. Fear of creating a situation of mistrust with our kids or fear of ruining the fun or, worse, creating a little grinch whistle blower.. Each year these cons would make their way back into our minds and each year we’d briefly act like we were trying to solve the problem then gladly put off the decision another year. That’s Future Ryan and Maria’s problem. Let them deal with it.

Well the First Year That Matters has arrived! Our child is 2 1/2. She speaks in full sentences and asks lots and lots of questions. Do you think we were successful this year in our decision making? Nope. We non-decided to let the natural course of things take over. She came to a pretty logical conclusion. Our daughter now believes that the bearded ole jolly who lives at Bass Pro Shop will be coming over on Christmas. To do what? I’m not sure she’s thought that through yet.

Last year a friend of mine said their 4 year old was completely terrified on Christmas Eve. “Please Mom! Please text Santa and tell him not to come in our house!” The idea of a stranger sneaking around their personal space was completely freaky to him. As it should be, right?! No amount of reassuring made any difference: He couldn’t fall asleep until the text was sent with a request: Please leave the presents in the front yard (where they belong).

Santa obliged.

Does Santa Claus come to your house? What holiday traditions do you celebrate? Comment here!

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