The Awesome Thing About Strep Throat


Could there possibly be anything awesome about strep throat?  You bet!  Antibiotics, friends.

It seems like every other bug that girl has picked up over the last two months has just lingered foreeeever.  Antibiotics kicked the strep to the curb and within the first 24 hours she was feeling a whole lot better.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!

When I came home from work after two doses I found Anne literally running circles around Grandma.

Anne's feeling better after strep throat and running around Grandma

The Blur

In any case, we are glad to have it behind us.


Here are some out of context moments from my week!

-“No cavities!  Slayed it!”  *high fives mom*

-“He face planted snow boarding so I took him back to the lodge to warm up and get some skis.  He looked at me meaningfully and said ‘Sometimes you are a good Dad.'”

– We spelled out Ryan, Anne, and Maria on the scrabble board.  Anne then maniacally swiped all the pieces off the board and innocently said “Where’d Maria go?”

– “Other than living by family why would anyone live north of Colorado?  It just doesn’t make sense!”  (To me it doesn’t make sense to live anywhere that never gets below 50.  Now that is my own personal hell.)

– Anne: “You guys are eating some creepy fings!”

–  While talking with a seven year old about Google+ she said: “You don’t want your personal stuff on the internet.”  Me “Ya it’s not a good idea”  Her “Like you shouldn’t have your address…or your phone number.  If you did they’d call you and say ‘How many kids do you have?'”

– Just about every time she sits down, Anne (2) announces “I am going to sit right here and wait for my poop to come out.”  Yep.  Everywhere we go.

Hope you are having an excellent week!  It’s FRIDAY!

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