Thoughts From Anne

-A: Look at this booger!

A: (15 seconds later) I got more boogers!

-Me: I sure love you Anne
A: Oh! Thanks!

-A:You don’t have to drop me!

-A: Can I hold your eyebrows?

-A: I like your head Momma.  It’s very prett-ill-y

-A: Oh thank you Mudder. (grinning)  I called you Mudder!  (Calling me Mother is hilarious, apparently.  Every time she does she feels the need to say it more than once and then point it out.)

Right Now…

The superbowl is quietly playing from the computer, battling Little Einsteins on the big screen.  The Human Rubber Ball is making her rounds, hopping from the bed to the floor to Daddy, spinning, twirling, singing, and laughing all the way.  At least she’s not throwing stuff.  Wait.  Nevermind. That has been a theme today.  “Momma called the Doctor said.  No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!  Are you a doctor Momma?”  She fetched the Hands are Not For Hitting book.  Also a theme of the day.

I woke up feeling achy, feverish, and a little under the weather so I am laying down hoping to be able to lift my arms by morning.  Ever since Thanksgiving with 6 adults and 3 children inhabiting this house, it has been a revolving door of illness.  I have avoided almost all of it.  Maybe it’s my turn…  I sure hope not.  Maybe my immune system will just kick the intruders to the curb.

In other news, I finally got Anne lip sincing to Fall Out Boy on video!  A small portion of it is on instagram.  Her hair is a bit matted down from wearing a hat but we take what we can get!

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