Potty Mouth Training

My sweet little princess has a way with words.  Swear words.  It seems to me that all children arrive with the ability to not only identify cuss words but sense their power to cause an immediate response from any adult in the area.  All the ‘Excuse Me!’s in the world could never compete with a well placed F-bomb.  Are you paying attention now?

I’m embarrassed to admit that my daughter has a potty mouth.  She says damnit.  It started about a year ago whenever she’d awake from a nap and realize her diaper had failed her once again.  And oh how the profanity would fly!  We knew before we hit her crib that it was time to do another load of pee soaked laundry.  Ahh sheet!

Who knows where she got that from, right?  I blame the Little Einsteins.  They seem like an unsavory bunch.

It seemed that whatever attention we brought to it whether it be matter-of-fact instruction, scolding, timeouts, and even more serious trouble, the more powerful and tempting it became. And more frequent. Her 2 year brain found a way to meet our match.

So far we’ve found the best course of action is to first scold without emotion (no frowning, laughing, smiling, chuckling, etc)  and then ignore her. Holy crap.  It’s hard.  It’s so freakin hard to ignore.  Stored somewhere within my Mommy brain is the urge to dress her for a blizzard in 60 degree weather and the overwhelming feeling that swearing is like electrocution or falling down a flight of stairs. Every parenting cell in my body calls for immediate action.   Ignoring it is dangerous.

This approach works if you can pull it off.  It does.  Much better than anything else we’ve tried.  But the results come excruciatingly slowly.  And it requires us to hold our poker faces long enough for her to lose interest. Do you know how long that takes for a Lets-Do-It-Again two year old? Ryan and his mom once had to endure two whole minutes of profanity after she overheard a fellow walmart shopper say the D word.  Two minutes!  That means she said it at least a hundred times.  In public.  They were not amused.

That girl is seriously resistant to training or conditioning or whatever you want to call it.   It must be my blood running through her veins.

Don't let her fool you.

Don’t let her fool you.

How do you deal with the potty mouth? What has worked for you? Or does anything work? We are seriously starting to wonder….-

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