Ah Poop. Potty Training Chronicles


Our 2 1/2 year old has been dabbling in potty training for the past year. We thought “Oh my, she’s so advanced! Already going on the toilet at only 18 months…” We didn’t say it. I mean of course we didn’t say it. We hate hearing crap like that from other parents but you can bet deep down we were secretly feeling it.

But of course it didn’t stick. Or rather it hasn’t yet.  Switching to panties full time will change your life forever.  I think she senses the magnitude of the decision and has resisted it wholeheartedly. Start now and you’ll never stop! Soon you’ll be married with a mortgage, a job, and two kids.

Several times I have made the statement “This is the last pack of diapers!” and returned home with new stickers, treats, books, and potty charts. Every single time she just loves it.  The whole experience.  She calls Rachel on the Potty Time ap, gets a predetermined treat she picked, and proudly shows off her pretty pink panties at the most inappropriate times (I suppose there is no appropriate time. Just varying degrees of inappropriateness).  At least that’s how it starts.  Eventually she loses interest, either when I go back to work on Monday or when she realizes she will actually have to poop in there eventually.

One positive result is the update she now gives us when she has to go.
Me: “Should we do it in the potty and get a sticker?”
Anne: “No! No!!! In my diaper!”
Me: “Ok… Are you sure? We can get a treat and call Rachel!”
Once she has left her little diaper surprise, she usually follows up with “Ya, lets go poop on the potty. Okay?!”

Oh man, the bitter tears of regret. She thinks about the reward and wants to be big but just doesn’t feel up to the process, princess seat or not. *sigh* I dream of a diaper free grocery bill.

In any case yesterday Anne stated that she had business to attend to as she crept out of sight and into the corner. She returned smelling just as fresh as before. After a bit I asked her “Did you ever poop?” to which she responded “No! I did not poop everywhere!” sounding a bit shocked and offended.  Silly mom.  What do you think this is?

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