rock detail
When life is particularly stressful or frantic, so much in my life starts to slip out of focus.  Survival mode is categorized as such—a blur.  How unfortunate.  So much can be found within small pieces in the day.  Being more mindful of the details is one of my favorite ways to refocus my efforts and gain perspective.

Contentment is:

Hugs from a friend.  Smile.  Soft fingers on soft skin.  Lines tracing a life well spent, smiles around your eyes.  The give and shuffle of rocks beneath my feet.  Snuggle.  Aroma and warmth of spring days within a season of snow.  Spring within her soles, child loving and bouncing without measure.  Breeze in my hair and cool on my neck.  Laughter in times of utter frustration.  Joy in the winding road, the unexpected, the journey.   Sparkle of sunlight in snow, peaking through pine needles, and kissing my face.

We had a lovely day hiking and playing.  Quite frankly, I’m exhausted.  The good kind of exhausted though.

Anne fell asleep during the ride home, clutching her duplo grass and a bit of her quesadilla.  She would not surrender that dang quesadilla. Every time I tried to get it from her, she assured me she was still eating it.  Even as she dozed off.


It was a magnificent day starting with fresh air and sunshine (it was 75 in Colorado!), and ending with cheesecake, princesses, and Legos.  Just what I needed.

What helps you slow down and gain perspective when life gets hectic?

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