New Years Resolutions Mecham Style

We are resolution makers. We are those people.

For the past five years I have taken to polling people. Are you a resolution maker? I think we are a dying breed.

A friend gave me a quote earlier this year: “If you focus on the results you will never change. If you focus on change you will get results.” Jack Dixon

I swear it has been following me around. It rings so true to me. There are goals that I make over and over again that I may even be successful with for a season but end up right back where I started.

It’s because I never really changed. I went for the dangled carrot but after the novelty wore off I went back to life as usual. When I have changed, really changed, it’s because it mattered to me. It was meaningful and important, not just part of a competition or a personal challenge in some way interesting to me.

So with that in mind, I decided to word my goals a little differently this year.

Get Out of My Comfort Zone

I am hoping to spice things up a bit. I want to go places I’ve never been, try new things, make an agenda that is more detailed than “recover from work so I can go back the next day” and do grown up things like buy a lawnmower and send birthday cards (That one is ever elusive and my #1 repeat New Years Resolution. Those stupid birthday cards!).

Another goal that used to be a repeat offender was to be more outgoing. Now, altering major portions of your personality isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even when you set a time limit for yourself. As a full blooded introvert, odd things happen when I force my innie into an outie. The charming person that I truly am rarely shows herself and I instead act obnoxious, forced, rigid, or just plain weird.

I’ve decided to shoot for the long game on that one. By the time I hit 80 I will be too busy burdening my grandkids with terrible advice and screwing with the neighbor kids for fun to really care what anyone thinks anymore. So check that one off the list!


The perks of living with a two year old include coloring, nerf gun fights, and squishing playdoh through the spaghetti machine. Having kids definitely helps you to tap into your inner child but I would also like some more grown up fun too. It may involve time at the shooting range, playing at the climbing wall, and hiking in the mountains.

I truly believe that fun is one of life’s best medicines. I know that it doesn’t actually solve anything but it just takes the edge off. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Do More With What We Have

Over the past few years we have learned very tangibly that it really doesn’t matter how much you have. We are like gases. We spend whatever money that comes in and usually on nothing specific. A few years ago we had some friends who started eating lunch together every day and found themselves eating out way more than usual. One month they were running low on money and tallied up everything. They had spent 700 dollars on Taco Bell!! You think that is crazy? Ignore your money and see how you fair.

You can always spend more than you have, but we can also do a lot more with what we have too. I mean this to include more than money. We want to learn to do more for ourselves, cooking, growing food, shooting our gun, wood working, baking, freezing/canning food, etc etc etc.

I want to waste less food—I am starting to think we only buy vegetables to watch them slowly die and then stink up our fridge.

So, yup, that about sums it up.  Maybe this year I will actually remember my goals by the end of the year. Even when it’s time to sit down and write up my 2016 ones.

I still haven’t found the 2014 goals.  Pretty sure I nailed them though.

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