We Bought a Zoo—I mean, Chickens. Which is kind of the same thing.

Guys.  We finally have pets.

Ryan is pretty clear about them not being pets.  The whole they-are-farm-animals-that-we-may-someday-have-to-eat thing is apparently an issue for him.

BUT—I don’t see why that means we can’t name them.  Or cuddle them to sleep.  Or sing to them.  That’s normal, right?

Anne ran out of steam after the first four and got pretty stuck on naming the last two Anne.  I convinced her it would be silly to have three Anne’s in the house.  When I said, “Anne it’s time to clean your room!” how would we know who I am talking to?  She was like, OH ya.  That totally makes sense.

The two ninj-chicks of the bunch are named Stylish and Drake.  They are black, and no, this is not why they are the ninj-chicks.  It is certainly possible, however, that they checked all their black fuzz at birth and figured they might as well play into the stereotype.  The more I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s how it played out.  But really.  They are the fastest growing, most adventurous, and curious of the group.  They are all about jumping off the feeder, eating straight out of your hand, and are super determined to perch off the edge of the brooder.  They have been unsuccessful thus far but I am sure it’s only a matter of time.  Or chicken wire, which we totally have to buy for the top of our brooder so the ninj-chicks don’t escape into the laundry room.

Their supposed breed twins are Stella and Remi.  They are the yellow versions of the plymouth rock breed.  My theory about the ninj-chicks also applies to these guys because they are yellow, mellow, and laid back.  They are cool with snuggling and talking to you but are far less ADHD than their siblings and will fall asleep pretty quickly in your hands.


Roddy is the Americauna and is soooooo pretty with tan and brown fuzz (Honestly, I don’t know what to call it. They are not feathered just yet. I am sure it has a name but I figure if I just wait a few weeks I won’t need to look it up.  Winning!).  Her personality is a mix between the ninj-chicks and the twins, a bit curious, adventurous, and snuggly.  She also seems like the smartest of the bunch.  She’s always peering up at me and tilting her head to the side like, What’s your deal?  One of my favorite things is when you hold her just right, she melts right into your hand and gets super comfortable.

Disgust is the dark yellow Orpington and the runt of the group.  She is growing the slowest and tends to be pretty skittish.  We’re working on the whole bonding thing slowly.  And by “we” I mean Anne and I.  Obviously not Ryan.

I just asked him if he had anything to add and he says “Nope.  I think you already summed up my position.” But YOU didn’t see his face when Stylish was taking a chick-nap in my hands.  The cuteness.  Oh the cuteness.  We’ll see how long the they’re-not-really-pets position lasts.  I’ve got him on the ropes.  (He disagrees–but we know better.)  😉


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