Can You Believe It?

We’re Back!

We battled technology—and won. Well sort of. We had to completely wipe my computer and start over. So I think that counts as a technicality. But I’m okay with it. I’m just glad Premiere Pro isn’t crashing every two seconds or timing out during an insanely long upload–then having to restart it and it crashing again.

It occurs to me that you may not actually know what I am talking about.

We started vlogging a few short months ago. Still unclear? Google “vlogging” now.

Yes, I know you’re computer will auto correct it to blogging. Which, I’d like to point out, is also a made up word. So why it recognizes one and not the other is beyond me.

But anyway. We’ve really enjoyed putting up videos. It has been a huge learning curve, not at all what we expected (even after watching our family do it for years), and very fulfilling to know that we can talk to other people going through the same things and remember good times we’ve had. (Especially later when Anne is starting school or getting married or having her own babies. I will have many videos to cry and laugh over to remember our little family in this time).

About a week ago my computer started rejecting the whole process completely. As noted above. Luckily it’s had a change of heart. Literally.

So without further ado…

Here’s what went down in today’s vlog:

After watching Daddy’s camping vlog Anne makes up a camp ground of her own in the living room. A chore chart is born to help Anne in her responsibilities–and she is excited to earn money for toys and blind bags. We have youth group activity for church and Anne burns through so much energy she’d make any respectable gym teacher proud.

Parents say they like to run their kids down to wear them out before bed. I think it only makes her stronger! And by stronger I, of course, mean hyper and less likely to fall asleep.

We dye fake easter eggs (AKA egg shaped ping pong balls according to Maria) and get ready for the Easter weekend!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend with friends and family! I love this time of year because there’s not a lot of hubbub around Easter so it’s easier to focus on what really matters. Much love!  Maria

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