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My husband, Ryan, is a full time Dad.  Stay at home Dad.  Hands on Dad.  Whatever you want to call it.  Anne is his little buddy and he’s decided it’s his job to teach her how to be a good person—and tickle her ’till she pees her pants.  In that order.

When I look at those two I see their insatiable energy for fun, a kind of fun that wears me out and leaves me begging for a nap.  For them it only makes them stronger, sillier, louder.  It’s like they feed off of the energy they produce!

Their life is one I am absent for about 9 hours of the day and a life I’m not really apart of at all.   When I’m there, it’s no longer just about them.  It’s about us, our life.

I’ve often thought it would be so fun to be a fly on the wall in their day to day.  Not that I don’t catch plenty of glimpses.

Her favorite place to nap.

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So, I asked him: What is it like to be a full time Dad to an almost three year old?

He said it is like playing all day.  It’s trying to keep up with her doing laps around the house, spinning and giggling, talking non-stop, climbing on all the furniture and leaping!

It’s being the most important person in her universe, seeing the way she looks at you, clinging to you for love and comfort and company.  To be her interface with the world, to teach her and guide her like she’s the only thing that matters.  Because a lot of the time that’s exactly how you feel.

Anne and I have our own special relationship.  She is my little shadow.  When I get home she runs to greet me at the door, squeezes my knees with a big hug before I have the chance to drop my things, and asks “How’s your day Momma?  You home from work?!”

We crave being together and she wants to do everything I am doing.  To her I am the one who will sing songs, dance like a crazy woman around the house, paint nails and spend hours with paints and dolls and legos.  She is my little replica, the crazy silly 2 year old version of myself that I absolutely adore.

But who is her protector?  Who is her comforter?  Who does she want when she’s scared or hurt? That’s Daddy.

When it really comes down to it, it’s all about her Daddy.



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