The Art of Losing

So, I have this thing I do occasionally.

I write poetry.

It’s not something that comes very naturally to me, but when I feel inspired, I love the way it flows and how that form of expression feels.

I wrote something this week.  I started out just writing how I felt about something.  Just really basic and straight forward.  And then it morphed into something totally different.

I wish I could control that, you know?  Control when that happens.  I write really lame poetry 90% of the time and then all the sudden—it’s more.  Unexpectedly, I’m given something that is so organic and expresses exactly how I would want it expressed.  Feels like the music of my heart.

And it’s gone.

I looked everywhere.  I can’t find the file in my Pages, Word, Day One app.  So bummed!

I tried to remember it and, of course, I couldn’t come up with it again.  Not exactly.  The moment is gone and so is my poem.  SIGH  Oh well.

It’s happened to us all, right?  What have you lost?

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